Laura Kane Travel

Biloxi Trips

We request anyone that travels with be  FULLY VACCINATED for Covid19.  Please bring a facemask with you in case it is needed for other establishments you may visit.  Facemasks are currently optional while on our buses.
Thank you for your patience during the long shut down, we truly appreciate it.
Laura & Dennis Kane
2021 East Coast  –   Titusville, New Smyrna, Port Orange, Palm Coast,
St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Tallahassee


2021 Central  –    The Villages, Ocala, Tallahassee

2022 Central

Thanksgiving from The Villages & Ocala

Christmas from The Villages & Ocala

Beau Rivage Update as of 08/17/2021 – The pool is now open.  The Buffet is still only open limited hours and is now open on Monday’s but still closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They are working on getting it opened daily, stay tuned.  They are not offering Daily Housekeeping however you can call to have your room cleaned, ask for towels or toiletries etc.  they are in the process of hiring more staff so hopefully everything will get back to normal soon.

Biloxi info subject to change based on rules at the casinos and the control of Covid19

All Biloxi trips must be paid for by six weeks prior to trip date (60 days prior for Holiday trips)

Special Biloxi Promotions

$50.00 cash giveaway on each Biloxi trip, there will be one game played or drawing done by the tour escort and all passengers on the bus included. One lucky person will win $50.00 cash.  Our August winner is  Maria Gonzalez from Ocala.

Win a free Biloxi trip – fill out a comment card on the return trip home from a Biloxi trip  and you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a free 3 night bus trip to Biloxi for one person at the Beau Rivage (value $399) Winner to be announced on this website at the beginning of each month. 

5 for 50 – Once you have taken 5 bus trips to Biloxi with Laura Kane Travel you will get $50.00 off your next Biloxi trip.  This promotion has a brand new start date effective April 2021. Private group dates do not count towards the 5/50 deal.

Latest winners
August winner - Maria Gonzalez
July winner - Evelyn Zimmerman
June winner - Bob Kaplan
May winner - Sophie Redman
April winner - Pat Benedetti

Past winners listed below
September winner - Martha Nuttle
October winner - Nancy Glynn
November winner - Roger Small
December winner - Lucille Albrecht
January winner - Barbara Kurpiel
February winner - Sonja Melville
March winner - Norman Wendorf
April winner - Mary Ann Marchewka
May winner - Linda Bowman
June winner - Marsha Hiott
July winner - Donnis Kaplan
August winner - Cathy Whitaker
September winner - Phin Phan
October winner - Mary Hanson
November winner - Ralph Myers
December winner - Neil Kaspar
January winner - Betty Blitch
February winner - Laverne Miller
March winner - Wai Ming Hemming
April winner - Jane Le
May winner - Ron Martin
June winner - Lynda Coleman
July winner - Carolyn Edwards
August winner - Barbara Henderson
September winner - Sonja Myers
October winner - Linda Waisanen
November winner - Louvenia Bolden
December winner - Charles Murphy
January winner - Connie Reby
February winner - Patricia Arthurs
March winner - John Willis
April winner - Albert McCoy
May winner - Bobbie Young
June winner - Sheila LaPorta
July winner - Nora Saville
August winner - Earl Wetherington
September winner - Dorothy Sherbine
October winner - Leticia Quintos
November winner - Marilyn Frick
December winner - Teresa Decker
January winner - Peggy Vidas
February winner - Betty Esswein
March winner - Miriam Clark
April winner - Henry Stephan
May winner - George Austin
June winner - Sally Bowen
July winner - John Shoemaker
August winner - Sophie Redman
September winner - Carmen Lorenzo
October winner - George Heslin
November winner - Elizabeth Jureidini
December winner - Maxine Robb
January winner - Selma Horovitz
February winner - Ellen Drummond
March winner - Clarice Ujhelyi
April winner - Annette Cutchin
May winner - Jerry Merrick
June winner - Barbara Nahaku
July winner - Richard Hewitson
August winner - Lois Zwolenik
September winner - Norma Ellis
October winner - Barbara Heller
November winner - Monica Kissam
December winner - Geraldine Heslin
January winner - Barbara Porter
February winner - Dean Delong
March winner - Robert Piurowski
April winner - Annette DeBernardo
May winner - Marti McLean
June winner - Richard Fiesler
July - Michael Anderson
August - Darlene Poggerale
September - Susan Campagna
October - Cathy Perez
November - Kathy Belculfine
December - Eileen Wicyk
January - Ray Hiller
February - Shirley Bullock
March - Roger Duhaime
April - Brenda Logenbach
May - Harold Leonardi
June - Alice Miller
July - Catherine LeBlanc
August - Sophie Redman
September - Betty Nelson
October - Susan Miller
November - Patricia Forsythe
December - Patricia Johnson
January - Ruby Hough
February - Diana Adams
March - Steve Hart